Infosec Zenergy box 700 VA UPS offline 4+4 FR Outlet+Surge+RJ45


Infosec TUPSZ3700EX

UPS system

6 aansluitingen (3 protected + 3 backup)



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Model: Infosec Z3 Zenergy Box 700

The range of Z3 ZenBox EX UPSs was designed to offer your home PC and personal multimedia devices appropriate protection against power supply problems and electrical disturbances. Its modern and compact design means it will elegantly fit into your personal multimedia environment.

Advanced technology
Z3 ZenBox EX, with its High Frequency microprocessor-controlled technology, provides perfect protection from critical electrical disturbances. Depending on the model, it has 3 or 4 protected outlets offering up to 18 min of backup time for your screen, burner, decoder or PC in the event of a power cut.

High performance protection
Depending on the model of the Z3 ZenBox EX chosen, 6 or 8 surge protected outlets as well as RJ 45 ports will help extend the useful life of your multimedia devices. In the event of power disturbances (overvoltage, shortcircuit or lightning), all of your connected devices will be protected.


  • A single On/Off switch
  • A USB communication port to enable you to operate the UPS from your computer
  • 6 outlets on the front panel to easily connect the devices to be protected
  • Audible alarms and LEDS indicate the energy status at a glance and warn you in the event of an electrical fault
  • Cold start feature if no power supply
  • UPS automatic restart when mains power is restored



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