Witek 25km Gigabit single fiber optic media converter


What this product does
The Fiber media converter WI-MC101G be used to transmission Ethernet electric signals into optical signals, the features is transmit and receive optical signals in-phrase by pair of fiber optical cable, due to the signal transmission is light pulse form, so relative to the metal wires are incomparable advantages: high security, reliability, transmission speed, long distance, low cost, saving non-renewable resources.

These characteristics are very suitable for metropolitan area networks and local area networking applications. This series of fiber media covnerter adopted powerful ASIC chip, simple design, high reliability, low power consuming and so on.

Alarm function can be remind of the link failure occurs and prompts fault location in time, and to force the Ethernet port link power interruption. Use high-quality optical transceiver modules, optical properties provide a good electrical characteristics, to ensure reliable data transmission, long working life

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